Great Big Plants: The Energy Drink for Plants
Provides minerals and nutrients missing from all popular fertilizers. Outstanding results on over 1 billion plants!
Easy as watering. Safe to use and Organic Certified.

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Great Big Plants
Natural Compost Extract

GBP Natural Compost Extract
  • Easy-to-use alternative to compost.
  • Proven to increase plant size and yield.
  • Helps fertilizer work better and faster.
  • Flows to the root zone and starts working right away.
  • Ingredients are bioavailable for immediate effect.
Natural Compost Extract- A Washington State Department of Agriculture Registered MaterialNational Home Gardening Club Tested Organic Plant Formula

If you want amazing plants, use Great Big Plants to enrich soil so that growth is optimal. Just a small dose of our compost extract will replenish soil ecology with humic acids, trace minerals, seaweed and beneficial microbes. These immediately bioavailable ingredients work in concert to increase nutrient uptake, provide missing trace minerals and plant growth hormones, and create a thriving microbial population in the root zone. Mix 1 tablespoon per pint of water and use to drench soil at base of plant every two to three weeks for amazing results. More info

Ancient Liquid Humate

Ancient Liquid Humate Gardening Formula
  • Enhances nutrient uptake.
  • Encourages root growth.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • 12% bioavailable humic acids plus kelp.
  • 2% bioavailable potassium.
  • Excellent pH buffer.

Ancient Liquid Humate soil conditioner is a bioavailable concentrate containing liquid humic acids and kelp that improves soil structure, nutrient uptake, and root growth. Numerous university studies show that humic acids have positive effects on plants by improving soil structure, soil fertility, nutrient uptake and root architecture. Kelp is a source of potassium, micronutrients, plant growth hormones, and is a food source for soil microorganisms. More info

Darn Good Fertilizer

Great Big Plants Organic Fertilizer
  • All Purpose, 6-5-5 dry fertilizer.
  • Plus calcium, magnesium and sulfur.
  • Also contains humic acids, kelp and mychorizzae.
  • Designed to work with our compost extracts.
  • Organic certified.
Natural Compost Extract- A Washington State Department of Agriculture Registered Material

Unlike chemical fertilizers that are likely to leach away from the plant, Darn Good Fertilizer's physical composition allows it to stay in the root zone longer. Use with our Natural Compost Extracts to create an optimal ecology of N-P-K, bioavailable carbon, minor nutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes. Contains nitrogen in fast and slow release form. More info

about our products

Liquid organic fertilizer and compost extract

Proven. Our compost extract formula has been used for over 20 years by professionals, horticulturists and landscapers. Over 20 million gallons applied, over 1 billion plants served. Safe and easy to use. It improves the soil and quickly invigorates plants such as roses, flowers, tomatoes, fruit and vegetables. Also highly recommended for new plants/transplants, “tired” or stunted plants and trees, root-bound potted plants and any plant that needs an energy boost.

Unique ingredients. Great Big Plants products are made with unique, all-natural ingredients that are missing from popular fertilizers and soil conditioners. Ingredients include kelp, humic and fulvic acids, beneficial microorganisms, a broad spectrum of bioavailable micronutrients, along with macro and minor nutrients. Products are natural and/or organic certified.

Fast Acting. Great Big Plants is a liquid that energizes and jump starts plants. It is a combination of organic compost, minerals and nutrients vital for superior plant growth that are missing from fertilizers. Derived from all natural sources and organically certified, Great Big Plants gives an energy boost to all vegetables, fruits, shrubs, trees, lawns and potted plants.
Products are bioavailable or designed to have ingredients become bioavailable quickly, thereby providing rapid benefit to soil ecology and plants. Liquid products flow to the root zone to begin working immediately.

Easy-to-use. Mix liquid products with water and pour on soil around base of plant. Till dry products into garden soil or apply with spreader. No heavy bags; no mess; no waste. Current and past users include Dole Foods, Del Monte, Blue Diamond, Sunkist, Driscoll, Anheuser-Busch and many others. NFL and college football stadiums, and more than 100 golf courses have used Great Big Plants to ensure the most robust plant health possible.

Local. Great Big Plants LLC is located in Arizona and we manufacture our products in the USA.

1 Qt. Great Big Roses Natural Compost Extract 3.5lb Darn Good Fertilizer 1 Qt. Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract 3 lb. Ancient Humate Dry-Blend

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